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About us

Take care of your mind; take care of your body.

The concept of HPW Centre is to offer a Mind and Body balanced approach to the increasing demand from the local and international market about health and wellness awareness, in particular, targeting the many visitors who come to Nepal for that holistic healthy living experience and healing methods on offer by the ancient traditions of the East.

HPW Centre’s philosophy is an ancient one ‘a sound mind in a healthy body’  as ancient as Ayurveda and the Tao in the Eastern civilizations, where the relevance of any physical exercises or therapeutic treatment you do is for the enhancement of your inner being. The treatments and activities at HPW Centre, are oriental disciplined techniques to improve your inner being, for a peaceful and healthy living, which is not the mainstream direction of wellness these days, not only in Nepal, but everywhere in the world, where too much relevance is given to the body (physical exercise, gym, spa, etc.) and very little focus is given to the mind; the Raja, the king, not only of our spiritual life, but the one that dictates our ordinary life and actions as well, the real creator of peace and wellness.

Practice the ancient  meditations  before starting your day. For more complete therapies choose any from our full range of in-house wellness treatments such as Panchakarma, shirodhara, hot stone therapy, reflexology or any of the relaxing, invigorating Ayurveda genuine treatments which we offer all day long, or you may decide to softly exercise with the ancient Chinese art of Tai chi, or heal yourself with the subtle Japanese energies of Reiki to complete your day.

Where else but in Nepal, the birth place of Lord Buddha, surrounded by the majestic Himalayas and the most sophisticated ancient spiritual cultures that the world has seen.

HPW Centre’s programs also include ancient, personalized, and corporate approaches to well being such as yoga detox, weight loss, and de-stress Ayurveda and Naturopathy therapies, lasting from one weekend to several days along with Ayurveda Panchakarma full treatment packages.

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